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How do I reset the options in MenuOptions

see the instructions here

What do you mean auto-configuration?

Auto-configuration means that if you set the input field to either the key or the value, MenuOptions will automatically set the correct menu_opt_key and the correct value (what is shown to user). The command below will auto-configure all the MenuOptions widgets on a page:


For example:

Assume you are using month name and month code in your Data and the code 12 represents the month December. If you set the input field to “December”, MenuOptions will automatically set menu_opt_key to the code 12. If you set the input field to 12, MenuOptions will convert that and display December, while setting the menu_opt_key to the code 12.

What is the menu_opt_key?

menu_opt_key is an attribute of the input field that holds the code that corresponds to the visible text. So, if you input field shows “December” and the code for December is 12, the menu_opt_key would be set to 12.

<input type="text" name="month1" id="selecttest" menu_opt_key="12" class="ui-menuoptions">

When I use jQuery.empty(), the widget does not get removed. How do I fix this?

The MenuOptions widget will detect the removal of the element it is applied to. However, calling jQuery.empty() does not appear to trigger the remove event *** so you will likely have to call the destroy () method, for example:

$(YourSelector + ' .ui-menuoptions').menuoptions('destroy');

I pasted data into a MenuOptions mulit-column autocomplete and now have errors when saving

MenuOptions expects that you have either clicked a selection or typed one in and pressed enter. When you paste data into a MenuOptions mulit-column autocomplete, just call MenuOptions again with no parameters

$(YourSelector + ' input.ui-menuoptions').menuoptions();

This will populate the attribute menu_opt_key that re_serialize() uses to get the value that corresponds with the text the user sees.

How would I reset (clear the data from) all MenuOptions multi-column autocomplete and Rocker controls?

$(YourSelector + ' input.ui-menuoptions').val(''); // clear out the values
//  clear the menu_opt_key and clear Rocker to show no selection
$(YourSelector + ' input.ui-menuoptions').menuoptions();

The clear button (or ‘X’) is not aligned correctly

There are 2 main situations where this can happen.

The first is when an input element is added dynamically (using javascript). The clear button is positioned using the jQuery UI position() function, which requires that the element be present in the DOM and visible.

The second is when the container that surrounds the input element is being resized, as when a browser draws a table and shrinks the <TD> that contains the input element.

There are 2 workarounds for this. The first is to call MenuOptions again (with no parameters) immediately after adding the element or after the layout change.

$(YourSelector + ' input.ui-menuoptions').menuoptions();

For dynamically added elements, you can wrap the menuoptions call with a setTimeout, like this:

setTimeout(function () {
         "Data": { 1:"January",2:"February",3:"March",4:"April",5:"May", 6:"June",7:"July",
                   8:"August",9:"September",10:"October",11:"November",12:"December" },
         "Sort": []
}, 200 );

Sometimes, using the CSS float:right makes the X display incorrectly. In this case, using float:left will usually correct this.

How do I display text and have a hidden value, like the HTML select control?

When creating your MenuOptions select control, pass it an object, like the code below:

PayMethod   = { 1: "American Express", 2: "Visa", 3: "Mastercard", 4:"Discover", 5:"Check",
                6:"PayPal", 7:"Cash", 8:"Money Order"}

$('input[name="t"]').menuoptions({  "Data": PayMethod,
                                       "SelectOnly": true,
                                       "ClearBtn": true,
                                       "PlaceHolder": "Pay Method",
                                       "ColumnCount": 2,
                                       'Width': 225 });

For more details, see re_serialize()

When I hit enter in a MenuOptions select, it does not submit the form

That’s correct. MenuOptions uses the Enter key to select the first dropdown element. If you want to submit the form when a user presses Enter, you can do so in the onSelect option, which returns the MenuOptions instance, newVal, newCode and type (EnterKey|Click|Rocker).

For more detals on onSelect see the docs

    "Data": { 1:"January",2:"February",3:"March",4:"April",5:"May", 6:"June",7:"July",
              8:"August",9:"September",10:"October",11:"November",12:"December" },
    "onSelect": function(mo, data) {
        if ( data.type == "EnterKey" ) {
    "Sort": [] // don't sort

This code is in quick start select demo

How can I create a vertical scroll bar for large lists?

Below is an example. Whenever you specify a Height that is less than the height of the mulit-column autocomplete dropdown, a vertical scroll bar will be created.

    "Data": { 1:"January",2:"February",3:"March",4:"April",5:"May", 6:"June",7:"July",
              8:"August",9:"September",10:"October",11:"November",12:"December" },
    "onSelect": function(mo, data) {
        console.log(mo, data.newVal, data.newCode, data.type );
    "InitialValue": { 'val': 'December'},
    "Height": 200,
    "Sort": []

This code is in quick start select demo

When I enter certain characters in a MenuOptions mulit-column autocomplete they disappear, why?

It only disappears when you enter a character that is not in any of the mulit-column autocomplete options

Can I use ‘special’ characters in a MenuOptions mulit-column autocomplete ( parens, curly braces )?


Why do we need another input widget?

MenuOptions was created for one reason.
To reduce - to an absolute minimum - the # of keystrokes and clicks required for data entry as well as navigation.


  • Input masking
    • error messages that explain why the input key is invalid
    • hotkeys - a single key can fill a field (e.g., ‘t’ fills in todays date in date fields)
  • Multi column autocomplete
    • intelligent autocomplete (characters not in any mulit-column autocomplete item are automatically removed, saving keystrokes)
    • mouseover filtering lets user reduce choices by moving their mouse over a filter element
    • auto-configuration
  • Rocker control
    • Binary options (true/false, yes/no, etc) that never hide a choice
  • Menus
    • Built from JSON
    • mouseover filtering

Other benefits:

  • offers the ability to combine multi column autocomplete and input mask functionality.
  • uses color highlighting to show autocomplete matches
  • the value associated with with the label string is saved in the input element automatically (in the menu_opt_key - no need to manually update a hidden field)
  • it can utilize Data from a variety of of JSON types (array, array of arrays, single object, array of objects)