Using Filters in a menu or select list

How Filters work

Filters are specified using an array of objects. Each key show what the user will see, each value will be the actual filter that MenuOptions uses to filter out data.

{ 'Biz' : '^(CNBC|MarketWatch)'}
  ^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  user     MenuOptions searches
  sees     using this RegExp

Using a plain text filter

If your Data is conforms to a pattern (e.g., times with AM PM), you can create a simple Filter like the one below

"Filters": [{'AM':'AM'},{'PM':'PM'}],

See simple filter demo

Using a regular expression (RegExp) filter

If your data is more varied, you can use RegExp Filters, like the one below:

'Filters': [{ 'Biz' : '^(CNBC|MarketWatch)'}, {'Search' :'^(Google|Yahoo)'} ],

See RegExp demo