Quick start instructions


npm install menuoptions
        -- or --
git clone https://github.com/compsult/MenuOptions.git

The important part of the installation is under dist

Here are the 6 files needed for MenuOptions. Note: this is a subset of the directory tree

├── css
│   └── menuoptions.min.css
├── imgs
│   ├── greencheck.png
│   ├── red_x.png
│   ├── rocker.png
│   └── ui-bg_glass_75_dadada_1x400.png
└── js
    └── jquery.menuoptions.min.js

You can use any directory name for the javascript and css files but the images directory needs to be called imgs (it’s referenced in the menuoptions.css file). You can get around this restriction by editing menuoptions.css to use your directory name.

Quick start to create an input mask

Below are examples of using the currently available input masks

    "ClearBtn": true,
    "Mask": "Mon DD, YYYY"
    "ClearBtn": true,
    "Mask": "YYYYMMDD"
    "ClearBtn": true,
    "Mask": "(999) 999-9999"
    "ClearBtn": true,
    "Mask" : 'HH:MM AM'

Quick start to create menu

see Quick start menu demo

Pass in a array of objects in the format:

{ <textToDisplay> : <href link|javascript> }

to MenuOptions to create a simple drop down menu.

The example below has 2 URLs and a javascript command.

var Data =  [ {"javascript": function() { alert('Run some javascript'); }},
              {"Google": "http://www.google.com"},
              {"Yahoo": "http://www.yahoo.com"}];

    "Data": Data;
    "MenuOptionsType": "Navigate", // Navigate is for menus

Quick start to create select drop down

see Quick start select demo

You can create a select drop down with a simple array:

var Data = [ "January","February","March","April","May","June","July",
              "August","September","October","November","December" ];

    "Data": Data